What Are the Most Important Vitamins and Nutrients in an Infinite Energy Drink?

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If you were to ask gamers what their biggest motivator is when it comes to gaming, their response would likely include an option to try and find the best "infinite energy drink" that they can get their hands on. This beverage has been called the "world's strongest drink" by many prominent personalities who have tried it. So what's so special about this drink that makes it a top choice among enthusiasts? The answer may surprise you!

First of all, there are tons of different flavors available! Halo Infinite is engaging with Rockstar Energy behind some really cool bonuses and special cans of this incredible energy drink with a lot of exciting flavors. We got lucky enough to check a few cans and here are a few of our favorite flavors that hit the spot. Enjoy!

* Orange Buzzzz - This flavor is rather interesting because it's not quite a berry but more like a grapefruit. This gives it an odd sort of flavor, almost like a cross between a raspberry and a cherry. With the high amount of calories that it has, we're not sure if this is a good thing. Some people like the taste, while others say it's bad for them because it's so high in calories. Either way, this one isn't worth buying if you want to try to lose some weight.

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* Infinite Wellness Fruit Juice - Here's another interesting choice. While you definitely get the benefits from the peach, we just don't feel that it's enough to make this juice a good choice. There are many fruit juices out there that don't pack quite the punch as infinite wellness does. The lack of real fruit flavors does hurt it a bit, though. Still, it's a fairly decent juice and we would recommend giving it a shot if you like fruit juices.

* Vitamin C- This is another one of the unique products from infinite wellness. This drink is supposed to provide the benefits of Vitamin C and the antioxidants found in green tea. Some people aren't sure about the benefit of Vitamin C, since we already know that Vitamin C is essential for healthy eyes and skin. However, since the antioxidants in this product also help to eliminate waste, these seem like a pretty good trade off. This is a very good option for someone who wants a vitamin water with added benefits.

* Pomegranate Infinite Energy Drink - One of the unique products from infinite wellness is the pomegranate juice option. The reason this juice is unique is because of its high antioxidant content. We don't know how much of that antioxidant content the pomegranate actually has. Since it's not found in any type of fruit, it doesn't provide the same benefits that other fruits would. However, we do know that this fruit is good for our health and helps to fight cancer.

* Orange Buzzzz - If you are a fan of orange flavors, then this is one of the orange drinks that you are going to want to try. This has a very nice combination of orange flavor with a hint of lime. This is made by adding a combination of flavors that will tickle your taste buds. We don't know if there are ingredients that give orange health benefits, but if there are, then we haven't found them yet. This may just be a nice refreshing alternative to plain orange juice without the extra calories and sugar.

There are lots of different energy drinks out there that all serve different purposes, so we can't say that any of them are the right choice for everyone. We do, however, recommend giving all of these a try, as they all serve some benefit to the body and could help you reach your daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients. Remember that it is important to keep your daily requirement of the different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients high, and so it is important to keep an eye on what you are consuming and how it affects you, especially as you get older.

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