Do Squats Help You Lose Belly Fat?


Do Squats Help You Lose Belly Fat
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Do squats help you lose belly fat? There is a lot of "common knowledge" out there that says yes, they will. I was actually in the same boat a couple of years back when I was trying to figure out how to burn calories and lose belly fat. After doing tons of research, it became clear to me that my metabolism was not working at its optimal level. I needed to do some work on my legs in order to boost my metabolism.

I also realized that I was doing too many sit ups and crunches during my workout. It was really becoming monotonous. Then I started doing interval training and really turned things around. My metabolism was burning fat like a stove top and I was losing inches off my waist in no time.

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So now you ask yourself, do squats help you lose body fat? Well for starters, by working your legs it will increase your metabolism, which in turn will burn more calories. Also the more muscle you have the more fat will be burned. This means you will be able to lose fat faster. Of course you want that fat burnt to lose belly fat, right?

So what exercises should you do? Well the first thing I always recommend is leg press followed by leg extensions. The reason I say leg extensions is because they target the thighs, buttocks and hamstrings. These are the most efficient workout because they hit all three layers of muscle in your legs. You do not want to overdo it with the leg extensions, though. This is just a warm up before the main workout.

Now that you are warmed up you can start your leg press. Keep your back straight, feet flat on the floor and stand up straight. This is also a great way to increase the body fat ratio. The more straight your spine is the more direct the flow of blood will be to your body fat. Do as many sets as you can with proper form and slowly burn calories from your legs.

Here is a secret about your lower body: the more intense your workout the more calories you will burn. Burning fat from your legs is no different. Therefore, if you want to burn more body fat you must intensify your workout. That is how you know do squats help you lose belly fat?

Here is another secret for your legs: your legs have muscles, so you will burn calories even while you are resting. If your legs feel like they are burning fat then they are burning calories. Your legs are also working against gravity, so you can also see the direct benefit of weight lifting. As you lose your belly fat do squats to increase the lean muscle mass in your legs.

Now, if do squats help you lose belly fat, let me explain how. When you perform this exercise your legs push forward because you have to raise yourself up. Your back will curve because of the way you are performing the exercise. This does not mean you should perform the exercise with your legs straight, only do them slowly and you will burn more fat.

Another way to help answer the question, "Do squats help you lose belly fat?" is to understand the relationship between weight lifting and metabolism. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism becomes. So, the more muscle you have the faster you will burn calories.

And, as your metabolism burns calories you will begin to lose weight. Just remember the more muscles you have to lift the more calories you are burning. If you do weight lifting often you will continue to burn calories. Your muscles will get stronger and you will become a better weight lifter.

So, do squats help you lose belly fat? Yes, they will help you burn more calories as long as you do them correctly and perform them frequently. Remember, to burn calories fast you must work your muscles at a fast speed. To burn fat as fast as possible, slow and smooth movements are recommended.

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