The best Herbs for weight gain fast

Nigerian herbs for weight gain

There are a variety of herbs you can use to help you achieve a healthy weight. Although they contain calories of their own, they're pale compared to the food choices you have available to you. But, they can increase your appetite and will help you consume more food than you're accustomed to. They will also assist you in taking a restful sleep as it is essential to help you lose weight.


Peppermint is a very common herb, particularly found in Natural toothpaste. It's effective in removing plaque and tartar from enamel and leaves the mouth clean. Have you ever wondered why you feel hungry after cleaning your mouth using these toothpaste? It can help increase your appetite.

Take some fresh or dry mint leaves, then dip in hot water. Allow the extract to penetrate the water. You may add whole milk. Drink it. It can induce you to eat and drink, and it will provide essential calories to your body.


Coriander leaves are also known as coriander and are among the top popular culinary herbs in the world. Leaves are plentiful in the water. However, they also contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and many minerals and vitamins.

High temperatures can destroy coriander leaves. Therefore it is advised to consume them raw and let the essential oils they have, like citrus fruits, will take over your body and do their work.


A very well-known plant around the globe, but it is prohibited in Nigeria. It is among the most effective herbs for weight gain because it promotes sleep and boosts appetite according to stress.

Hemp contains hemp, which can put the mind in hyperactivity and rest based on THC content. It also increases the desire to consume food. Combining food and sleep is vital for weight gain and makes cannabis an ideal plant to gain weight.

However, this plant is extremely easy to misuse, which is why it is not legal in Nigeria. However, in certain states of the United States, you can get cannabis at a medical level without complying with the legal requirements.


Despite not being a common plant in Nigeria, the Dandelion is considered to be one of the most effective plants for weight gain around the globe. It has been used for its therapeutic function as a diuretic for many years. With abundant phytochemicals and other nutrients, it's an effective herb that can aid you in losing weight.

Dandelion is a great source of phytochemicals that fight free radicals and boost immunity. It also reduces cortisol levels within the body, causing peace. Because of its high content in vitamin A, C and K, it's a great idea to consider taking if you want to shed some weight.


Ginger is a widely used root that is found everywhere throughout the world. Ginger has a subtle flavour to the spice, making you want to eat more in your meal. It helps you consume more food and absorb the extra calories you require.

Due to its capacity to help burn fats, ginger helps to maintain an ideal diet and weight gain. It is possible to incorporate ginger into your meals or boil it and consume it as tea.


Chamomile tea can be described as a drink that fashionable ladies typically buy when visiting certain retail stores. Contrary to most grown beverages, chamomile tea is crafted of dried flowers, not its leaves.

They are a great supplement to weight gain because of their ability to reduce stress and promote sleep which is essential to gain weight.


Liquorice root tea has been proven to be effective in helping to improve the health of your digestive system and improves breathing. It is sweet-tasting and can help to calm stomachs that are upset.

Because of its effects on digestion, It is a great idea to add it to the list of herbs to aid in weight gain since it could assist in restoring appetite following suffering from stomach upsets that are inevitable due to the massive amounts consumed.

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Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain


Chyavanprash is a mixture of five Ayurveda plants. As a vital ayurvedic formulation, it's utilized to gain weight. The consistent usage of this product assists in strengthening muscles and bones, which helps to increase weight. It also can make you hungry and also improves your immunity.

Vasant Kusumakar Ras

 is an effective ayurvedic remedy that can be utilized following consultation with an ayurvedic practitioner. Apart from increasing the body mass and being beneficial to improve facial beauty, fair skin and memory.

Ashwagandha Chirna

Ashwagandha Chirna is an essential ayurvedic ingredient that has a remarkable effect on weight growth. When taken in conjunction with a vigorous diet, its value has grown exponentially, increasing the body's weight.


The Shatavari is an essential ayurvedic herb that helps to regulate the flow of fluids in your body. It also aids in digestion. Regular consumption of it aids to improve the body's weight.

Custard Apple Custard Apple: In the realm of fruit, custard apples are specifically to help increase the weight of your body. It helps to build the muscles in the body.

Yashtimadhu Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine boosts the body's immunity, which is beneficial in lifting the body's weight.


is a mixture of several ayurvedic and home-based remedies, namely. Ginger, cardamom, honey coriander seeds, black pepper, along with Caraway white seeds. It is believed to boost digestion and also the body's immunity. Since it is a great digestion stimulant, It can be helpful to gain weight. It is recommended to take it two times a day before meals.

Patanjali Badam Pak: 

Its components include almonds, cardamom, ghee jaiphal, saffron and saffron, and Swarna bhasma and clove. It can help you gain weight. Additionally, it is beneficial in decreasing stress, fatigue, and constipation. It is recommended to take it twice each day, along in conjunction with milk.


is an essential ayurvedic syrup that helps in the proper functioning of bowel movements. Its ingredients are cardamom cinnamon, the long-pepper, Jiggery red pepper and pippali. It boosts the immune system and strengthens the body. It is not recommended for lactating and pregnant mothers.


Consuming this ayurvedic herb can increase appetite and hunger levels within the body. Therefore, it is consumed to increase weight. Additionally, it's also rich in vitamins, minerals and improves the overall health of the body. A teaspoon of it can be consumed three times a day.

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Yoruba herbs for weight gain

Cayenne Pepper

It is believed that the Yoruba word for cayenne peppers is Bawa. It's not easy to shed the fat that has accumulated. However, it's not difficult. You will certainly get into shape if you mix healthy eating with an organized workout program. Cayenne pepper can assist you in accomplishing this. This chilli pepper family gives energy to your body, increases metabolism, and also burns calories. Cayenne pepper is among the top 10 ingredients for improving metabolism. The most active component that is present in this pepper is called capsaicin. Capsaicin can also be found in many peppers. According to research, they believe it to be an endocrine chemical. A thermogenic chemical may assist in the acceleration of metabolic processes as well as the decrease in appetite. When you consume cayenne pepper, the body temperature increases, and your metabolism accelerates at 25%, making it more energetic than the digestive process.

Turmeric for Weight Gain

Turmeric (Yoruba name at ile pupa) is a naturally occurring Yoruba herb used as a flavouring in various dishes. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that aid in reducing inflammation throughout the body. This is one of the main causes that contribute to obesity and the accumulation of abdominal fat. Curcumin is a potent antioxidant found in this plant, helps reduce inflammation in pancreatic, fat muscle cells, and pancreatic. According to research conducted in the journal of Tufts University, curcumin can hinder the growth of fat tissue. This Yoruba herb increases the metabolism of your body which is why it is a great aid in shed belly fat and achieving the perfect flat stomach. Research shows that when someone gains weight, their body responds by increasing the size of blood vessels within the abdomen to facilitate fat to expand. However, tests on lab animals have proven that the consumption of turmeric can prevent the creation of blood vessels that are not yet formed, making losing weight more difficult. In addition, increasing your consumption of turmeric isn't the only way to achieve weight gain. Still, it may help reduce the inflammation associated with weight gain and help reduce belly fat more effectively.

Aju Mbaise for Flat Tummy Yoruba Herb

Aju Mbaise is a well-known Igbo herb used for losing weight and slimming the body. The Mbaise people from Eastern Nigeria (Igbos) use this plant to manage overweight, excessive weight gain, stomach fat, blood clotting, and so on. The herb is widely used because of its flattening effects on the stomach. Aju Mbaise herb tea can be extremely efficient in burning off the fat around the stomach region and can help you get that ideal tummy in one month. To boost your fertility quickly and flat tummies, buy your Aju Mbaise tummy herb. They aid in the burning of belly fat and body fat via the following methods:

It decreases the appetite and helps burn calories.

It increases metabolism. In turn, fats are burned more quickly.

It also stimulates the release of an anti-obesity hormone called leptin.

It can have a diuretic effect.

Aju Mbaise may indeed cause adverse effects too. Furthermore, it reduces hunger. Consuming too much may cause lightheadedness. Therefore, if you're nursing your child, it might not be the best for you as it may cause weight gain in the baby and result in drowsiness.

Cinamon for losing fats

Cinnamon (Yoruba name Oloorun) is a native plant located in Nigeria that can assist people in losing weight. Begin to include the Yoruba spice in your daily diet when you're trying to shed weight, particularly belly fat. The herb helps in weight gain by reducing appetite, controlling blood sugar levels and also increasing metabolism. To achieve a flat stomach, one method to include these weight reduction Yoruba herbs into your diet routine is to prepare lemon, honey, and cinnamon tea. The combination of the three ingredients can be extremely beneficial to lose weight. A simple recipe for making this tea is to boil uncooked sticks of cinnamon in water, later adding lemon juice. Add a bit of honey and the drink is ready.

garlic to lose fat fast

The Yoruba term to describe garlic is Ayu. There are many reasons why garlic is considered to be an effective component to shed excess weight. It's no surprise that it must be supplemented with a balanced, healthy diet, as well as regular exercising. Garlic is responsible for boosting energy levels, which can help burn calories and keep you in good shape. It has been proven to increase your body's metabolism, which allows you to shed pounds more quickly. According to a study published within The Journal of Nutrition, garlic is linked to burning fat. It is a rich source of compounds that have been found to accelerate the process of burning fat.

Ginger Yoruba Herb for fat gain

Ginger is among the most consumed Yoruba herb for flat stomachs around the globe. It offers numerous benefits for health too. It is the Yoruba term for ginger is ata-ile. Based on a review of research about the weight gain benefits of ginger, it can have a profound effect on belly and body fat. Gingerols help to improve a variety of biological processes that occur in the body. They aid food to digest more quickly and help your body's ability to transport the food that is outlined through the colon more quickly, as well as having an anti-obesity effect. Another method to reap the benefits of ginger's weight gain properties is drinking ginger juice. To lessen the savoury spice of the pure ginger, the liquid is usually made up of additional ingredients. Honey, lemon juice and water are the other ingredients that can hydrate, provide antioxidants, and have immunity-boosting properties. It is easy to incorporate ginger into their meals or make tea. Apart from its weight-gain properties, ginger has numerous advantages for health and healing; according to a report from 2014 that ginger can lower the levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides within the body.

Mint Leaf for Weight gain

It is believed that the Yoruba name for mint leaves name is Ewe Mini. Mint leaves cause the gallbladder to release additional Bile, which is vital as it aids in the digestion of fats. According to the book published by DK Publishing, "Healing Foods," the active ingredient in mint leaves called menthol, may aid digestion. Poor digestion makes it difficult to shed weight. If we're not able to digest and absorb our nutrients correctly, we might not efficiently get rid of waste from our body that can lead to weight increase. This Yoruba herb can also increase your metabolism, which can aid in weight gain and helps you achieve a slim tummy. The herb is low in calories quantity. A tablespoon of the seasoning has only two calories, making it the perfect condiment for the weight gain diet.

Black pepper for flat tummy

Black pepper is also known as ata Iyer in Yoruba and Oziza in Igbo. It is a potent source of health benefits, including effective weight gain and increasing metabolism. Vitamins K, A, and C, along with minerals such as potassium, calcium, and sodium, are plentiful throughout the Yoruba herb. It also has healthy fats and fibre that all assist in losing weight. Piperine is a component in this magical plant that helps improve metabolic functions and helps reduce fat accumulation within the body. If you've got a high tolerance of hot and spicy food items, you can directly take them. You can boost metabolic rate by chewing two daily black peppercorns. Obesity can be managed effectively through coffee with black pepper. It helps to speed up weight gain which means you will have an ideal stomach. Weight gain can be assisted by including black pepper in juice.

Best herbal medicine for weight gain


Chamomile is a highly effective herb for weight gain due to its appetite-boosting properties. Numerous research studies have proven that regular consumption of chamomile leads to greater appetite. This is because this wonderful herb assists in easing digestion-related issues such as constipation and indigestion. So, the person ends in eating more food and, naturally, gains weight. Other health benefits that are essential to chamomile are improved sleep quality, prevention of cancer, and a healthier heart and maintaining glucose levels in the blood.


Ginger is among the oldest remedies for healing which has wealth in health advantages. According to numerous studies, ginger is extremely efficient, one of the most effective herbs to gain weight. This is due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. They aid in boosting appetite as well as easing digestive issues. So, people who suffer from constipation or indigestion can get relief from eating ginger or drinking tea with ginger. In turn, you'll eat more food to satisfy your cravings, and your weight begins to increase. In addition, ginger has other health benefits such as combating colds and improving heart health and cancer prevention, a healthier brain, managing nausea, among others.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle is regarded as one of the top herbs for weight gain throughout the globe. It is due to its bitter ingredients known as the sesquiterpene Lactones. These elements can be very effective in improving the functioning and functioning of digestion and increasing an individual's appetite. Therefore, if you're searching for a natural cure for weight gain, choose blessed thistle. Other health benefits of this herb plant include treatment for colds and cancer, flu, diarrhoea, and other bacteria-based illnesses.


If you are looking for the most effective herbs to help gain weight, fenugreek will surely be included on the list. It is a fantastic source of protein, amino acids and dietary fibre, as well as antioxidants. These are all essential for helping to improve digestion and boosting appetite. In addition, it assists in combat digestive issues such as constipation and stomachache. It also assists a person in putting on weight safely and naturally. Many other health benefits are associated with fenugreek, such as blood sugar control, cholesterol management, anti-inflammatory properties, and increasing testosterone and breast milk production.


The bitterroot or tea aids in stimulating the digestive system and also increases appetite. The European herb is among the most bitter plants to boost weight. This is due to the presence of components such as gentiopicroside and amarogentin. Both bitter pieces are effectively stimulating taste buds to increase saliva production. They also aid in boosting your gastrin production, which helps increase the production of bile and gastric juices. As a result, your appetite grows, which means you consume more food and then gain weight.


Ashwagandha is among the oldest Indian herbs that provide many benefits for health. As a herb for weight gain, ashwagandha helps in boosting muscles and improving the body's structure to help increase weight. According to numerous research studies, the herb proved to reduce anxiety, stress fatigue, depression, and tiredness. Additionally, it demonstrated positive effects on the appetite and energy levels of the participants. This is why you begin to put on weight due to the conversion of fat into muscle.

Licorice Root

Liquorice root is another treasure among the supplements to increase weight. The primary reason for this is that liquorice root can be highly beneficial in improving people's immunity. Since low immunity is one of the primary reasons for being overweight, this herb helps reverse that process. In addition, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of this incredible herb aid in improving eating habits and digestion. Therefore, you'll be able to gain weight fast and safely.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root isn't only a herb for weight gain but also an excellent treatment for health. This plant aids in improving digestion and increases appetite, which eventually results in weight increase. Additionally, this amazing herb can help treat a variety of ailments like skin problems and blood sugar levels, high cholesterol and cancer, heartburn and digestion issues. If you're searching for the most effective weight-gain herbs to try, make sure you do this one.

Chen Pi

Chen Pi is a traditional Chinese herb that aids in boosting the digestive system to improve appetite naturally. If you're suffering from gastric issues, indigestion or malabsorption, this herb could be a boon for you. Chen Pi helps in building muscles healthily and safely. Other advantages of this herbal remedy include treating nausea and cold, cough and chest pain.

Custard Apple

Custard apples are also one that is among the top herbal remedies to help you lose weight. It is a fantastic supply of Vitamin B6, which aids in treating digestive problems and in boosting appetite. In addition, the soluble fibres present in this herb help promote the health of your gut, control the flow of bowels and aid in treating constipation. With a high metabolic rate and a more satiating appetite, you'll be sure to gain weight in a short time.