Smith Machine Back Workouts - 9 Workouts to exercises to strengthen and amplify the back quickly

Smith Machine Back Workouts
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Smith Machine Back Workouts are considered one of the best training tools for your chest and back muscles. They are designed for beginners and advanced gym enthusiasts since they give you a huge range of exercises to work for different muscle groups. 

What makes them so popular with all ages is that they do not require you to sit down and perform a traditional bench press or even deadlift. Instead, when you use a smith machine, you are forced to do a specific number of reps of a given exercise in the lowest weight possible, which is great for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym since there is no need to spend a lot of money.

Smith machines are used for a wide variety of exercises, including; incline dumbbell press, flat dumbbell press, decline dumbbell press, reverse flyes, bent over rows, lateral raises, flat flies, shrugs, dips, chest flyes, upright rows, shoulder presses, and single-arm rows. 

Each exercise is performed at differing weights and on varying exercises, which means that you will need to perform many different sets and reps to get a complete workout. The number of reps and sets that you use is up to you. 

In addition to doing a wide range of exercises, you should also do Smith machine workouts specially designed for building specific muscle groups. For example, if you are looking to build biceps, you would use incline bench presses and dumbbell flyes.

Smith Machine Back Fitness workouts are great for building back endurance and muscle mass. But do they build muscle? A good fitness program is all about making the body use the muscles it has while getting the most out of the movements it can make. The first step to achieving this goal is choosing a Smith Machine for your fitness regimen.

Smith Machine Back Workouts are divided into 2 types

Targeted Exercise

The goal of any exercise program is to produce the most amount of oxygen and calories burned per repetition. The goal of Smith Machine Back Fitness workouts is to accomplish this. So look for exercises that will target the muscles in your back. Also, the repetitions should be long enough that you are not tired after a few sets. 

For example, the barbell row should last you at least eight seconds.

Compound Exercises

Smith machines usually come with several compound exercises. These are exercises that train multiple groups of muscles at once. If you are not familiar with some of these exercises, you may want to look at your gym’s equipment list first. You will likely find that there are many pull-ups, bicep curls, squats, lunges, and other exercises that target your bodyweight strength.

Smith Machine Back Workouts

The Deadlift 

is probably the most important exercise for building up your strength. Take a standard barbell and position yourself over it, gripping the bar at shoulder width. Next, lean against the edge of the bench to perform a deadlift. When you take your deadlift, lower the barbell back to the floor, bend your knees, and lock your elbows.

The Barbell Row

Probably one of my favorite exercises, the barbell row targets the quads located on the front of your shoulders. Stand with your back straight and grip the barbell with a slight bend at the elbow. Keeping your feet flat on the floor, bend your knees and extend your arms fully. Keep your back straight, and squeeze your pectoral muscles for strength. You can increase the size of your chest by doing a wide-spread barbell row.

The Overhead Press

is another great chest exercise, especially for those looking to add size to their frame. Stand with your feet apart and your hands either together or out to the sides. Place your hands directly under your shoulders, bending at the elbow and curling your elbows back toward your body. Next, take the barbell straight over your head and bring it down to your chest in a slow, controlled movement. Make sure your grip is tight because that is the key to over-training the shoulders.

The Fly Squat

targets your quadriceps, located on the back of your thighs. Stand with your feet spaced apart, feet shoulder-width apart. Grip the bar with both hands, and completely extend your arms toward your body. Squat down, bending your knees and locking your elbows. Your feet should be roughly shoulder-width apart.

Lats Up

The lats (lower lats) are located on the front of the hips. To perform this Smith machine back workout, pull your legs up to stand with your butt close to the wall. Then pull up to the bar, balancing yourself. 

This will focus on building your lat muscles responsible for the strength in your lower body.

Single-arm Row

This Smith machine back workout isolates the arm muscles, making it easier for you to achieve good gains in size. To do this, first, position yourself on the bench with your palms up. Then pull your arms towards your body, making sure that they are flat against the bench. While holding the dumbbells in one hand, lower them slowly to the sides of your head. You will then repeat this process four more times, resting between reps on the upper arm.

Wide grip bench press

Another important part of a good workout is your position on the bench. When performing a wide grip bench press, your feet should be placed apart at shoulder width. Your arms should be positioned close to your body, and you should grip the bar with a wide grip. 

Ideally, it would help if you were elbowed facing away from your body, with your arms being perpendicular to your body, rather than pointing towards your legs. To increase the effectiveness of your exercise, you should lean forward slightly to take the weight off your legs and make it easier to raise the bar.

The flat pull-up

is performed by lying on your back with the barbell flat against the lower back. It would help if you were leaning forward slightly to take the weight off your legs and allow it to come down to your shoulders. The barbell should be held just above your chin, with your feet hip-distance apart.

The bent-over row

is another great way to work those stubborn rhomboids. This exercise works the same areas as the previous exercise, but it works them upside down! To perform this exercise, you will be lying face down on the bench with the barbell positioned across your chest and the dumbbells across your arms. Your palms should be facing away from your body. You should then bend your knees and hips slightly and bring the bar up to your side.

To perform the Smith Machine Exercise, you will again raise the barbell to your side, but this time you will raise it while keeping your feet hip-distance apart. As in the previous exercise, you will bend your knees and hips a bit and bring the bar up to your side. This is another great way to target your rhomboids!

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